Collection in Greenwich, CT

Our collection is now available at Richards in Greenwich, CT! Please contact Richards for more information (203) 622-0551 or

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Penny featured in Milieu Magazine

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Collection In Azerbaijan

Our collection is now available at FARO in Baku, Azerbaijan. Please contact FARO for more information: +99 412 4922295.

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Merci New York Engagement Ring Interview

Penny was recently interviewed by Merci New York about engagement rings. Click here to read Penny’s thoughts on her dream ring, advice for couples who are shopping for their ring, and more…

While engagements happen all year round, the New Year tends to be the most popular time to pop that question! Today we are thrilled to welcome Penny Preville {and her gorgeous rings!} to the Merci New York blog! She’s answered our questions on ring style, sets, and trends…so take a peek at these beautifully designed bling and get inspired to hint to your man about your likes and dislikes! We’re excited to see what your favorites are!

These rings are gorgeous! What made you interested in engagement rings?

Penny: When my eldest son Skyler became serious about getting engaged, it was really important for me to be the one who designed it! I poured my heart and soul into designing the perfect ring to represent the two of them, Skyler and Mara, as a couple. Now, the “Mara Ring” is one of our bestsellers! This inspired me to continue to personally design rings for family members, close friends and to be inspired by love stories from the past. Today, each has become a part of my bridal line, named for the woman who inspired it. This way, anyone who chooses Penny Preville for such an important life milestone as their engagement, is instantly part of our family.

That’s so unique! While each girl has her own style, how you would describe your overall engagement ring style?

Penny: I would say my rings reflect my personal style: feminine, romantic, with a vintage-inspired feel. Brides tell me they want a ring that’s as unique and as special as she is, which is why I pay such close attention to detail through the use of engraving and detailed milgrain and filigree. This way, each ring is unique for its intricacies, but still comfortable and wearable everyday.

How does a girl figure out her true engagement ring style? Is it better to stay on trend or stick to the classics?

Penny: Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been ripping pages out of magazines of your dream ring for years! Now that you think you know what you want, it’s important to try them on to see what looks great on you. You’ll be surprised, what you think you love on a page might be very different when you try it on. My recommendation would be to avoid trends. Find something truly unique, but still classic. Think long-term. You are going to married for a long time and you want your ring to withstand the test of time.

What about the guys, is there an etiquette they should follow when shopping with their bride to be? Is it better to bring your girlfriend along to find her dream ring or be traditional and get the advice of her family and friends and surprise her?

Penny: The best advice is don’t surprise her! Take her shopping to learn what she likes and then you can go back armed with all your newfound knowledge and design the perfect ring. If you really want to try to keep it a secret, definitely ask her mom, sister and friends since they’ve probably talked about it. Also, listen to her, she’s probably hinting to you what she wants. I read a statistic that something like 85% of women hint what they want! So guys…listen up and pay attention! You can visit to visit our great ring gallery and get inspired.

There are so many different style rings out there…what engagement ring trends are your favorite? Different cuts? Colored stones? Vintage inspired sets?

Penny: While I love classic diamond engagement rings, we’ve seen a trend of celebrities choosing colored stones for their rings. So, we’ve had fun designing some beautiful engagement rings using sapphires and other gemstones. It’s a great look! But, I think my favorite style is a vintage-inspired ring. It’s delicate, romantic and feels right for a lifelong journey together as husband and wife. I’m a romantic, what can I say!

So we know your style and different cuts, but if you could create your own…what is your dream ring?!

Penny: My dream ring would absolutely HAVE to include my favorite color blue and my favorite, cushion cut! If blue diamonds weren’t so rare, that would be my dream. But, a beautiful rich sapphire would work too! It would be mounted in a simple setting with a thin diamond pave halo around it to enhance its sparkle. I also love when a ring has a beautiful detail on the sides and shanks.

Since we are currently going through engagement season, what is your best advice for those couples who are shopping for their ring?

Penny: Take the stress and guessing out of this process, and shop together! Make a day of it, treat her to a nice lunch before visiting stores to try a variety of options to see what she’s drawn to and what shapes flatter her. Listen to her hints, she’ll let you know what she wants! And my favorite tip here is to take note of her ring size so it’s a perfect fit when you do buy it. If you need help locating a retailer in your area, you can visit for a list of great stores.

We’ve seen some amazing rings this year, what trends for rings do you foresee for 2013?


-Deco-inspired engagement rings

-Emerald cut rings

-Colored stone engagement rings (sapphires, emeralds)

-Penny Preville will be debuting a new line of bridal rings in Spring/Summer 2013.

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My Blue Heaven

Blue has long been Penny Preville’s favorite color. “Cornflower blue is my signature shade,” explains Preville. “But I also love the dark blue found sapphires, the romantic blue of moonstones, the magical blue of labradorite and the bright blue of turquoise.”

For 2011-12 holiday and resort seasons, Preville has launched My Blue Heaven with all of her favorite blue stones. The individual parts makeup the capsule collections: Moondance, Shimmer, Midnight Magic, True Blue and Turquoise. “I thought it was time to really make blue a formal part of the collection,” says Preville.

Moonstones form the largest section of the My Blue Heaven collection named Moondance. “The legend of the moonstones is so romantic,” explains Preville. The lore of the stone is that the light of the moon formed it. There is a fable that claims a woman wearing it on the night of a full moon will fall passionately in love. Moonstones are also talismans of good luck. Preville has set some of her favorite rainbow moonstones in gorgeous gold necklaces bracelets, earrings and rings.

Bewitching blue labradorite has a beautiful play of colors within the stone called labradorescence. The color changes are the dark flip side of the light moonstone. Amazing pear-shape pendant earrings are the centerpiece of this collection.

“The combinations of black rhodium gold against blue and white diamonds are like stars on a clear night,” says Preville. “It is dreamy, a little edgy and totally elegant.” Almost all of the blue gem-set designs in Preville’s My Blue Heaven collection come in variations with black rhodium giving clients a fashionable alternative to yellow and white gold settings. This division of the line is called Midnight Magic.

Since the British royal engagement, when Prince William slipped Princess Diana’s sapphire ring on Kate Middleton’s finger, blue sapphires have been back in vogue. Penny Preville has worked the romantic blue gem into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. The designs are the perfect “something blue” for brides to wear on their wedding day and forever after.

Bright blue turquoise is the ideal stone to wear on winter holidays in warmer climates. The bold earrings and necklaces in Penny Preville’s turquoise collection will instantly make an evening out during the resort season a special occasion. They are quintessential items for a bride to take on a beach honeymoon. And, of course these pieces will transform to every day essentials during the summer months.

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Penny Preville Unveils Byzantine Collection

The Kremlin, the Russian Crown Jewels, the onion domes, all of it impressed Penny Preville when she took her first trip to Moscow in October of 2010. “The gowns that the Romanovs wore were so magnificently bejeweled,” remembers Preville. “The color of everything was extraordinary.”

Inspired by what she had she had seen overseas, Preville came home to her studio in New York and produced the most colorful and ornate collection of jewels she has ever created. The necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings in the Byzantine collection are decorated with sapphires, rubies, emeralds and pearls. The elaborate gold work on the yellow and white pieces is scalloped, beaded and ribbed on every last millimeter.

These pieces born in Preville’s dreams of the past and a far-away land fit in perfectly with the clothes of today. The gorgeous pearl chain necklaces can swing easily from day into evening. The elegant pendant earrings can be put on for cocktails or a special affair. The smaller earrings and rings are the special type of jewels, any woman will want to put on with her jeans and a t-shirt and never take off.

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2012 Ad Campaign Photo Shoot

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Penny Preville has arrived at Michael C. Fina in NYC

Our fashion and bridal jewelry is now available at Michael C. Fina in New York City!

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Sophia Vergara Got Milk? Ad

Sofia Vergara looks stunning in Penny Preville earrings for the new Got Milk? ad.

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JLo rocks Penny on Idol!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez rocks Penny Deco Studs on American Idol!

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